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Officer Jeff Ohman

Officer Jeff Ohman passed away due to natural causes while at his residence shortly after April 19th, 2005. Jeff was an 18 year veteran of the Tempe Police Department and had mentioned to co-workers that he hadn’t felt well. Jeff was discovered at his residence later after not reporting to work.  Jeff was 41 years of age.

Officer Ohman started his career with the Tempe Police Department on September 24th, 1987. During his tenure Jeff served as a Patrol Officer and later as the Policy and Procedures Analyst.

In addition to being a full-time police officer, Jeff was a Major in the Air Force Reserve. Jeff was called to duty in May 2001 and spent several years teaching ROTC students in addition to other responsibilities.

Jeff was a long time member of the Tempe Officer’s Association and will be missed.

Jeff is survived by his mother and a department full of friends and coworkers. Thank you for your service Jeff.