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Welcome to the Tempe Officers Association home page. We believe that the City of Tempe is a great place for people to live, work and play. The City of Tempe is a landlocked city and because of this the current and past city leaders have made great efforts to improve the quality of life for its community members as well as the employees that serve them. The Tempe Police Department is considered one of the premier agencies in the country and it hires the best possible employees. Tempe PD has been a leader in newer equipment and technology that is used to make operations more efficient and to effectively fight crime. Due to the commitment of the police department in being a model police agency it has received high ratings from the community year after year during the customer satisfaction surveys that are conducted.

The Tempe Officers Association is an integral part of the City of Tempe and was formed by the state certified sworn Officers and Sergeants of the Tempe Police Department who are dedicated to improving the working conditions of its members as well as actively involving themselves in the community. Our association is committed to looking for ways to improve the City of Tempe and provide for the safety and welfare of those we serve.

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